About Us


We are Cornerstone Church, a United Methodist faith community in the West Ohio Conference.  We call ourselves Cornerstone because we are building our church on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ.


Our mission: Connecting Community to Christ.


To accomplish our mission, we focus on growing three key reationships:

  1. Connected relationships with those who are a part of our church family.
  2. Community relationships with those who are not a part of our church family.
  3. Our relationship with Christ.


Our logo is a visual reminder of our foundation and the three relationships that are growing out of that foundation.





Key Questions about us

Who is your target demographic?
Our target demographic is families with young children.  We love to engage people of all ages and stages of life, but we recognize it is most difficult to be an active part of a church family when you have young children and so we focus a lot of our resources on that demographic.
If you are a United Methodist Church, why do you go by just Cornerstone Church?
Sometimes denominational titles and organizations get in the way of people finding faith so we wanted to remove that as a possible barrier. We love being United Methodist in our beliefs, administration, and specific emphases.


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