Small Group Connection

Small groups are our main focus of ongoing support, accountability, and life transformation. We believe every follower of Jesus should be connected in close community with others.

What is a Small Group?

A Small Group is made up of 3 to 14 people who come together to build relationships through encouragement, accountability, guidance, and prayer so that all members experience life transformation through Christ.

What Do Small Groups Do?

Small Groups participate in four activities:

  1. Creating close community and fellowship with one another.
  2. Studying the Bible and helping each other apply it to everyday life.
  3. Participate in serving each other and in mission to the community.
  4. Praying for the needs of friends, neighbors, the church, and each other.
Where Do Small Groups Meet?

Most small groups rotate meeting in each other’s homes, but several meet here at Cornerstone Church. There are 25+ small groups all over our local community.

How Often Do Small Groups Meet?

Most small groups meet either weekly or every other week. Groups meet on a variety of days and times.

Who Can Be a Member of a Small Group?

Everyone is welcome to connect with a small group whether you are new in your journey or have long been a follower of Jesus.

Reasons to Join...
  • Building relationships with others who share your faith in Jesus.
  • Opportunities to give and receive encouragement, guidance, accountability, and prayer.
  • Learn Biblical principles and how they apply to your everyday life and decisions.
  • Desiring a confidential, respectful, loving atmosphere where you can share your thoughts, feelings, struggles, and joys as you grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.