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First off, thanks!  Thanks for taking time to check us out.  In case you hadn't noticed yet, there is a lot happening here at Cornerstone and we want to get you to the information you are most interested in as quickly as we can.  Please use the headings to read or skip the information as you find the need.


Our worship is relevant and intentional

Many folks associated "church" with a Sunday morning worship service.  While we think of church as so much more than that, we do acknowledge that it is a crucial part of any person or family's decision to begin a relationship with a church.  If you want more details on our worship services, please use the "Worship" link from our main menu above.  Please note that you can listen to past messages and get a feel for how and what we are teaching without having to visit.


We have programs for all ages

We have lots of events, classes, and groups happening year round for all ages.  To help you sort through all of this information, we have broken our programming down into three catagories: (1) Children (2) Students and (3) Adults.  Children is considered anyone from birth through the 6th grade.  Students are considered anyone from 7th grade through college age (around 25 or so).  And we consider adults in the same way the United States does, 18 and over. The main menu has the links to take you to these catagories.  

Each page has 3 sections of information: (1) News (2) Calendar and (3) Registration:  

  1. The News section is a series of twitter posts tailored to the specific age groups.  There is no twitter experience required.  Just scroll through the posts to see the latest information on programs, events, and classes that are happening for that age group.
  2. The Calendar section is taken from our online church community (Church Community Builder) and sent through google calendar into our webpage.  Again it is age specific.  You can scroll up or down to find any future or past events and you can get more information by simply clicking on the event.  You can aslo quickly and easily add these calendars to your own google calendar by clicking the "+ google calendar" button at the bottom of the calendar.  
  3. The Registration section has links that allow you to get and submit the necessary information to register for our events.

If you still have questions about any of the information scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find information on how to contact the staff best equipped to answer those questions.


We have a heart for giving

Many churches put a lot of resources towards the things that go on inside of their own walls.  While we do pride ourselves on quality worship and programs, we are at our best when we are giving stuff away.  Whether that be at Thanksgiving or Easter when we give hundreds of bags of food away to local needy families, or all of the ways we support our local mission partner Hamilton Living Waters, or even our mission trips abroad to Haiti and Guatamala, we long to be generous.  Our most notable generousity comes through something we call the "Live Simply Project" where we encourage everyone in our church to live more simply so that others might simply live.  It is a daily challenge and it culminates every year at Christmas when we give 100% of the offering from Christmas Eve services away.  We hope you will consider joining us in this mission because there will always be more people to feed and more shelters to build.


Key Questions

Key Questions about Worship

What can I expect at a Sunday worship time?
Expect a casual atmosphere where we gather for authentic worship using relevant music, media, and messages. Dress in whatever you like. You'll find people in shorts (even in winter), jeans, dresses, ties and t-shirts. Grab a cup of tea or coffee before you come into the worship center.
How do I know where to go?
Visit our Welcome Kiosk in the lobby. The servants there will give you a coffee mug, some information and take you to the right places for yourself and your children.
What will my children experience while I'm in worship?
Cornerstone’s Children’s Ministry begins serving our littlest of souls birth through sixth grade.  Our nursery welcomes birth through two year olds.  Each child’s comfort, health and safety is our focus. For children 3 years old and up we provide an exciting experience every Sunday with an engaging Christian curriculum including puppets, crafts, games and lots of music.  
Why do you want me to fill in the attendance pad?
This is our best way to provide the pastoral care and follow up that can help you grow in faith. Through this information we can pray for you, get you the information you request, and if you happen to disappear for a time we can contact you to make sure you are well. We will not use the info to fill any of your mailboxes. You will receive some muffins or cookies from our Loaves of Love Ministry. They won't stay, they'll just drop it off during the week. You probably won't even see them.


Key Questions about us

Who is your target demographic?
Our target demographic is families with young children.  We love to engage people of all ages and stages of life, but we recognize it is most difficult to be an active part of a church family when you have young children and so we focus a lot of our resources on that demographic.
If you are a United Methodist Church, why do you go by just Cornerstone Church?
Sometimes denominational titles and organizations get in the way of people finding faith so we wanted to remove that as a possible barrier. We love being United Methodist in our beliefs, administration, and specific emphases.

Key Questions about getting involved

How can I get involved in a ministry?
All ministries except the Administrative areas (Board, Finance, HR, Property) have available “first-serve” opportunities where you can try it out for a week or two to see if there is a fit. Write how or where you would like to serve when you fill in the attendance pad. You can also request a face to face meeting to talk about your gifts and talents with our staff members to help zero in on your sweet spot.
How can I get involved in a small group?
Write “Small Group” when you fill out the attendence pad when it comes around during worship or send an email to Lynne McCollum – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
How do I become a member of Cornerstone Church?
We offer a membership class twice (maybe three times) per year that we ask all people to go through whether you are transferring from another congregation or you've never been a member of a church. It's the best way to learn about our beliefs, mission and expectations of members. Write “membership” when you fill out the attendance pad and we'll be in touch with you.
How can I put in a prayer request?
You can use either the yellow prayer card found in the seat backs in the worship center or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Through either method you can indicate whether or not your request should remain confidential with only the staff or can be disbursed to the prayer chain.


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View Larger Map

Directions From I-75 (North or South):

Take the Butler County Regional Highway (129) West exit. Follow 129 to the 2nd exit ramp, this will be Princeton-Glendale Rd. (747). Follow the exit ramp and turn left at the stoplight at the end of the ramp. You are now on 747. Continue to follow 747 past two more stoplights and Cornerstone Church will be on your left approximately 1/2 mile after the 2nd stoplight.

We are located on Ohio SR 747 (Princeton Glendale Rd) between Tylersville Rd and Hamilton Mason Rd.

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