A note from Pastor Brian

Sunday we finish our series, Where is God. There are a lot reasons to feel hopeless in life. Hopelessness grows when we think about broken relationships, sickness as well as natural disasters and terrorism. The Bible gives us a very different message about hope. In the midst of the storms of life, we can place our hope firmly on God. He can give us the hope we need. Come on Sunday at 9:15 or 10:40 to learn about the hope that only God can give us.

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Helping People in Poverty

November 12 | 10:40am| Room 27

Does your heart hurt when you see someone struggling in poverty? Do you wonder why it is so hard for people to escape poverty? Do you wonder why society’s efforts to help make little difference? We’ll explore God’s answer to helping people who struggle using concepts from “Bridges Out of Poverty” and “When Helping Hurts” and explore Cornerstone’s vision for its Go Serve ministries.

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