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Worship at Cornerstone

Our vision for worship is to motivate the gathered church to proclaim the truth of God’s word, find joy in God’s Presence, and live for God’s Glory. When we come together as the body of Christ we see the fruits of our worship:

  • We find joy in God (Ps 27:4, Ps 84:1-10)
  • God finds joy in us (Isa. 62:3-5, Zeph. 3:17)
  • We draw near to God (Heb. 10:22)
  • God draws near to us (James 4:8)
  • We grow in our knowledge of God’s Word (2 Tim 3:16, 1 Cor. 2:13)
  • Our faith is strengthened (1 Peter 2:5, 2 Cor. 3:18)
  • God makes his grace known in times of need (Heb 4:16)
  • We encourage and support one another (Col. 3:16, Heb. 10:24-25)
  • Visitors discover the presence of God (1 Cor. 14:25)

Our desire is to empower the people of Cornerstone to lead the people of Cornerstone in worship that is centered on God’s word, God’s presence, and God’s glory.

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Ways to Serve in Worship

Music Team

Our music team leads worship from the stage each Sunday morning as well as special services and events throughout the year. Our team is made up of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, keyboards, strings, drums, and percussion. This team is for those who desire to use their musical talents for the glory of God and the unity of the church.

Thursday Evenings & Sunday Mornings

2-3 times per month

Production Team

Our production team manages the behind the scenes aspects of worship, which include our sound board, LED house and stage lighting, and on-screen media. This team is for those who have an interest in technology and a desire to raise the quality level of our weekly services.

Sunday Mornings (Sound Techs also Thursday Evenings)

1-2 times per month (In-Depth Training Provided)

Creative Team

Our most diverse team of volunteers, members of our creative team work on a project by project basis in areas that match their strength which include: creative service planning, graphics & media design, stage design & construction, or other special events or projects. This team is for outside-the-box thinkers who have the creative drive to take our worship services to the next level.

Meet Seasonally / As Needed

Build Team

Our Creative Team may be responsible for dreaming up big ideas, but our Build Team brings them to life. Occasionally we need hands on help in our Worship Center for stage designs, installing lighting & equipment, or other projects throughout the year. This team is for anyone handy with a hammer, screwdriver, or paintbrush who isn’t afraid of light construction or climbing a ladder.

Meet as Needed